Widowmaker 1v1 | Overwatch League 2020 All-Stars | NA

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Players Participating:
- Shockwave, LinkZr, Dalton, Colourhex, KSP, SoOn, Logix, Onigod
Teams Participating:
- Vancouver Titans
- Houston Outlaws
- Boston Uprising
- Los Angeles Valiant
- Paris Eternal
- Toronto Defiant
- Dallas Fuel
#OWL2020 #OverwatchLeague #Widowmaker1v1
Runtime: 2:06:19


CasuallyInsecure - 3 måneder siden
Shockwave vs. Linkzr - 3:45
Dalton vs. Colourhex - 13:45
KSP vs. Soon - 28:12
Logix vs. Onigod - 38:48
Linkzr vs. Dalton - 50:42
Soon vs. Onigod - 1:09:08
FINALS - 1:23:30
Adam Block
Adam Block - 3 måneder siden
Also post match: GRAND GRAND FINALS
Obvious Sarcasm
Obvious Sarcasm - 3 måneder siden
Thanish Davipaul 1:54:16
Freddie Hakfelt
Freddie Hakfelt - 3 måneder siden
Thanks bro
Thanish Davipaul
Thanish Davipaul - 3 måneder siden
missed bren vs linkzr
Max Delacote
Max Delacote - 3 måneder siden
Thank you
Mimimi - 2 måneder siden
Some of those guys weren't even practicing widow 1v1 before playing the tournament. Why would you invite someone who doesn't care about winning?
John Smith
John Smith - 2 måneder siden
Oh my GOD Linkzr is so nasty with his shots
Julien Parra
Julien Parra - 3 måneder siden
Sean Deforest
Sean Deforest - 3 måneder siden
The finals were insane although the APAC bracket had heavier hitters overall imo.
Jambonnier CR
Jambonnier CR - Måned siden
soon ksp logix linkzr
_ Bright
_ Bright - 3 måneder siden
lets go my boy linkzr
First World Problems
First World Problems - 3 måneder siden
FunnyAstro has really nice eyes
jnub - 3 måneder siden
1:37:29 youre welcome
Man. is.
Man. is. - 3 måneder siden
Hey whats the code for this mode? Anyone know
Domenic Ventura
Domenic Ventura - 3 måneder siden
Where is pine and carpe
YouTube Name
YouTube Name - 3 måneder siden
Carpe played in the APAC 1v1, Bc he’s currently in Korea for the finals. And Pine doesn’t even play in OWL anymore
Aidan Ison
Aidan Ison - 3 måneder siden
bridowmaker only lost because he was sweating after doing 1000
pushups in 6 minutes
sCope Yui
sCope Yui - 3 måneder siden
1:25:03 Linkzr reaction
Leo Linxtru
Leo Linxtru - 3 måneder siden
does somebody know this custom game code?
owl can you tell me?
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon - 3 måneder siden
Way better than APAC widow 1v1
Kwan_Fung - 3 måneder siden
where was surefour?
Anthony Richards
Anthony Richards - 3 måneder siden
probably changed his sensitivity again lel
Tyler Crawford
Tyler Crawford - 3 måneder siden
wow that finale was soo close! good job linkzr!
DG Olchu
DG Olchu - 3 måneder siden
Thư Hoàng Anh
Thư Hoàng Anh - 3 måneder siden
So0nnn ....!!!
The Lord of Entropy
The Lord of Entropy - 3 måneder siden
That final was so good! Both amazing players. And thank god they fixed the game conditions after the APAC lesson.
BiG MANATREE - 3 måneder siden
PINE ????!!!!????!!!!????
G03LIN - 3 måneder siden
He hasn’t been in the league for ages
Scribble -_-
Scribble -_- - 3 måneder siden
He’s lft
TheBattleNetwork - 3 måneder siden
He’s not in the League bruv
Radom - 3 måneder siden
What about pine?
FadjebOW - 3 måneder siden
Soon didnt try to use the bug he tried to jump grapple
Maxwell Johnson
Maxwell Johnson - 3 måneder siden
linkzer vs diem
Toby Wellm
Toby Wellm - 3 måneder siden
Onigod c9 løl
Eddy Herrera
Eddy Herrera - 3 måneder siden
Just wanted ans to play 1v1...Definitely would of won.
Laurent Paturet
Laurent Paturet - 3 måneder siden
@Juan Diego Hurtado it was way more boring
Juan Diego Hurtado
Juan Diego Hurtado - 3 måneder siden
Watch the APAC widowmaker 1v1, he is there. And it was much more competitive than this one.
Codyyh - 3 måneder siden
ans played in asia
RD_BigJill - 3 måneder siden
Soon is soooo much better
Shock - 3 måneder siden
Is that why he lost?
Jambonnier CR
Jambonnier CR - 3 måneder siden
soon was bettee today but he threw
Dawokan - 3 måneder siden
@Jambonnier CR ping + aggro style
Jambonnier CR
Jambonnier CR - 3 måneder siden
@Sword Weeb he was really dominant during the first shot and then he did mistakes
Sword Weeb
Sword Weeb - 3 måneder siden
How did he throw he was one shot off winning the whole thing
SMHoschi - 3 måneder siden
This is much better than the Asian tournament. Flashy plays, disrespectful 360's and insane flicks. That's the good stuff
maxkm5st1 - 3 måneder siden
Frankie's face right linkzr curses is hilarious
Kafuki Ken
Kafuki Ken - 3 måneder siden
who misses MICKIE here???
Zehnpie - 3 måneder siden
Wait no Surefour
Irradiated - 3 måneder siden
linkzr instantly blowing $2k
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming - 2 måneder siden
@Tim Hayes Around 1:37:26
Tim Hayes
Tim Hayes - 2 måneder siden
When was the swear?
Philip Berghofer
Philip Berghofer - 3 måneder siden
Adam Block
Adam Block - 3 måneder siden
Love how everyone thinks he's been fined when it is completely unknown
Gravity Hacks
Gravity Hacks - 3 måneder siden
@Jeff Totten Fine for swearing
Mistgun - 3 måneder siden
Eightbit n0p3
Eightbit n0p3 - 3 måneder siden
Now we need Diem vs. Linkzr!
Strife - 3 måneder siden
But to be fair though, ANS camped too
Strife - 3 måneder siden
@Callum Ives And we all know how that went :residentsleeper: :residentsleeper:
Callum Ives
Callum Ives - 3 måneder siden
Donyale Bolden Diem won APAC widow 1v1
Donyale Bolden
Donyale Bolden - 3 måneder siden
Diems not that good ngl ans is good
COV3RT0P - 3 måneder siden
Linkzr best widow NA let’s go
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith - 3 måneder siden
Linkzr has the best potatoe emote on twitch and that's why he is my favorite player 🤷‍♀️
Matthew Yang
Matthew Yang - 3 måneder siden
7500 dollar shot lol
Cyril Raifanda
Cyril Raifanda - 3 måneder siden
39:37 shot of the match
Daniel Hopper
Daniel Hopper - 3 måneder siden
That was disgusting
Thiébaut Joël
Thiébaut Joël - 3 måneder siden
1:30:07 So was that
501st legion
501st legion - 3 måneder siden
SOON was playing with super high ping
slebbeog - 3 måneder siden
Isn't Linkzr in Finland now?
IcyWolfe - 3 måneder siden
@Jan Helge Sørensen because when the season is over players return to their homes and countries
Guy Person
Guy Person - 3 måneder siden
@Jan Helge Sørensen they probably would have gone back home because of the off season
Jan Helge Sørensen
Jan Helge Sørensen - 3 måneder siden
@Jak Mak why are they in the eu
Guy Person
Guy Person - 3 måneder siden
Wouldn’t they all have been in eu except colorhex
Senyu Kou
Senyu Kou - 3 måneder siden
aren't some of these players on 100+ ping? surely that's a disadvantage for them?
GAB - 3 måneder siden
@Jak Mak soon is french
Bluer than Xephos
Bluer than Xephos - 3 måneder siden
@Jak Mak you are the epitome of "I'm NA and me dumb"
Kevin Guzman
Kevin Guzman - 3 måneder siden
Senyu Kou if you're internet is stable and consistent, having high ping isn't that much of an issue.
Guy Person
Guy Person - 3 måneder siden
@Jak Mak there only like one person from NA
John Welrow
John Welrow - 3 måneder siden
Jak Mak he is Belgian? he’s on defiant and might be in US but most players are already back home
You Tube
You Tube - 3 måneder siden
I'm Baby
I'm Baby - 3 måneder siden
Linkzr just spent 2k just like that
Zoom Doggin
Zoom Doggin - 3 måneder siden
@Nathan Baca lol worth it
Adam Block
Adam Block - 3 måneder siden
@Zoom Doggin imagine thinking you know how the fine system works
Nathan Baca
Nathan Baca - 3 måneder siden
Crayon_Logic44 Fine from the league for swearing in his interview. 1k seems to be more likely though.
Zoom Doggin
Zoom Doggin - 3 måneder siden
@Crayon_Logic44 lol
Crayon_Logic44 - 3 måneder siden
@Zoom Doggin ur mom KekW
BuckWheat Nut322
BuckWheat Nut322 - 3 måneder siden
James Hwang
James Hwang - 3 måneder siden
Better than Asia's 1v1
Edwin Kim
Edwin Kim - 3 måneder siden
@kuzan421 Dude ANS was just being toxic. Plus, did you see the prize money on widow 1v1? Yeah, I'm sure he would give that up.
Gunther Pie
Gunther Pie - 3 måneder siden
@kuzan421 Again with this throw excuse. Diem won and would have won anyway since he was always in the lead. Who on earth would throw away prize money when you've come that far?
kuzan421 - 3 måneder siden
thank god they didnt bring them to necropolis like in apac. ans had to throw for our sanity
Daniel Hopper
Daniel Hopper - 3 måneder siden
to be fair they stayed on the same small map the entire time.
P4ULPLAYS - 3 måneder siden
27:50 KSP traded to Boston Uprising?! What are you doing, OWL scriptwriters?!
Rudania - 3 måneder siden
@Mojiz Naqvi Actually.
Mojiz Naqvi
Mojiz Naqvi - 3 måneder siden
Rudania actually?
Rudania - 3 måneder siden
It's actually confirmed for the off season. Maybe that's why they'd already put it in.
akashi ᄋᄉᄋ
akashi ᄋᄉᄋ - 3 måneder siden
@Nick Niehaus r/woooshhh
Nick Niehaus
Nick Niehaus - 3 måneder siden
Maybe an error
Badd Nerves
Badd Nerves - 3 måneder siden
Linkzr never washed!
GhostSamurai - 3 måneder siden
Linkzr is washed 60% of the time, but that 40% is pretty great
Compade - 3 måneder siden
Bobby Da worm
Bobby Da worm - 3 måneder siden
MlgTaco360 - 3 måneder siden
Swayne - 3 måneder siden
Jeff Totten
Jeff Totten - 3 måneder siden
Meanwhile youre silver widow main sitting on 10% scopee accuracy and csnt figure out how to grapple shot 🤣🤣
Scribble -_-
Scribble -_- - 3 måneder siden
Mad cause bad?
BinnycanFLY - 3 måneder siden
How? This is really intense, especially compared to the asia duels, and it takes immense skill to play like this, show some appreciation man
hobg - 3 måneder siden
1:37:30 found the prize money
Jake McClintock
Jake McClintock - 3 måneder siden
@BZK he cursed
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams - 3 måneder siden
Widow 1v1 winnings now 14k. Absolute chad move though.
Przemysław Moskal
Przemysław Moskal - 3 måneder siden
BZK - 3 måneder siden
what did he say ?
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams - 3 måneder siden
Not first
Austin Snyder
Austin Snyder - 3 måneder siden
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - 3 måneder siden
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