Super the Most RUTHLESS Reinhardt?! | Hero Highlights - Reinhardt

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It's time for some hero highlights, where we take a look at some of the coolest / best statistics & plays for a specific hero from the 2020 season.
Players Featured:
- Roar, LHCloudy, Benbest, Pokpo, Mano, Beast, Dreamer, Oge, Jmac, Fearless, Super, Gamsu, Guxue, Sado, Gesture, Fusions, Karayan,
Overwatch League Teams:
- San Francisco Shock
- Shanghai Dragons:
- Philadelphia Fusion
- Seoul Dynasty
- Paris Eternal
- Florida Mayhem
- Los Angeles Valiant
- Los Angeles Gladiators
- Atlanta Reign
- Houston Outlaws
- Dallas Fuel
- Washington Justice
- Toronto Defiant
- Vancouver Titans
- Boston Uprising
- New York Excelsior
- Guangzhou Charge
- Hangzhou Spark
- Chengdu Hunters
- London Spitfire
#OWL2020 #Overwatch #Reinhardt
Runtime: 05:30


Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
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Pretty sure I can predict some of your answers... but who is the BEST Reinhardt in the league?!
TheWizardRed - 29 dager siden
It has to be the one and only cashew man super
Hunter Whitledge
Hunter Whitledge - Måned siden
MrLbroom - Måned siden
The Michael Jordan of Overwatch of course.
Aurora641 - Måned siden
chucko_123 TM
chucko_123 TM - Måned siden
It has to be cashew delisi
XxTbarsxX - 11 dager siden
Bring back 3 second shatters
The Cooldog
The Cooldog - 23 dager siden
Is that the OWL Rein skin but with Baldreich's hammer?
*skin plz :)*
Essylo - 25 dager siden
To sum up every sentence by the commentators : DISGUSTANG
Jack The guy
Jack The guy - 28 dager siden
Gigs flank on the titans is still the best rein clip ever
King of games
King of games - 29 dager siden
Where bumper
david myers
david myers - 29 dager siden
3:58 'Paris Fuel' 👀
Nate Aistrup
Nate Aistrup - Måned siden
Never thought about it but Dreamer is probably genuinely one of the best Rein’s in the whole league
Tj Holowaychuk
Tj Holowaychuk - Måned siden
show some cooler players
splinter82 - Måned siden
00:52 what are the odds? 😁
gromesh - 29 dager siden
They meant for that to happen
gromesh - 29 dager siden
Not odds coordination
Cheesy 45
Cheesy 45 - Måned siden
Great editing on this video
Frosty Kitten
Frosty Kitten - Måned siden
Reinhardt is to toxic! 85 damage IS INSANE!
Quicksilver 164
Quicksilver 164 - Måned siden
The super click bait never ends...
Robuster Brown
Robuster Brown - Måned siden
0:53 is the most beautiful piece of teamwork I’ve ever seen
Lukraniom - Måned siden
Dreamer’s Route 66 shatter was probably the most creative play I’ve ever seen.
Andrew Killion
Andrew Killion - Måned siden
Where are all the outlaw clips? Oh wait...
Eye Den
Eye Den - Måned siden
Game is so much better to watch when rein is played. Too bad blizzard is so reluctant to make him good
ChHW - Måned siden
Paul Venn
Paul Venn - Måned siden
Inspirational, this MaN is all power baby.
Farahino - Måned siden
What are the instrumentals used in the video?
perhe Pesonen
perhe Pesonen - Måned siden
Where Is the supers Hihlight
Templar Exemplar
Templar Exemplar - Måned siden
rein's kit is perfect. peak character design
lowsign - Måned siden
Ayo somebody tell me why the intro the hammer is the one legendary skin
Thundaa - Måned siden
3:58 "Paris Fuel" foreshadowing...
Gavin Cole
Gavin Cole - Måned siden
How could you not include supers sneaker shatter
Dullmoon TTHS
Dullmoon TTHS - Måned siden
Hope the bastion one comes for Christmas
Garrison Sloan
Garrison Sloan - Måned siden
3:14 how does the OWL Rein skin have that skin for the hammer?
Mojo 2K
Mojo 2K - 29 dager siden
Idk but it’s pretty sick
Maj - Måned siden
The hammer in the first frame isn’t even from that skin
Gil perry
Gil perry - Måned siden
Seeing sinatra... FeelsbadMan
Hunter Whitledge
Hunter Whitledge - Måned siden
Can we have one of these for someone like Zenyatta, Wrecking Ball, or Baptiste
RedHardt - Måned siden
Can we get the skin from the thumbnail?
Zantetsuken 103
Zantetsuken 103 - Måned siden
3:10 interesting..
Marble - Måned siden
3:55 “Paris Fuel”
Jaws saw into the future...
Arai - Måned siden
Ego 💹
Baby Gay
Baby Gay - Måned siden
Dreamer straight up cleared this one
Connect04 - Måned siden
Lhcloudy best reinhardt
thebabyc0w - Måned siden
Dreamer has the best shatters
Gavin Stevenson
Gavin Stevenson - Måned siden
No hint on the next video😢
Chanyi Lee
Chanyi Lee - Måned siden
Bruh that hammer in the intro
Izm - Måned siden
Super most ruthless Reinhardt? No
Paper - Måned siden
that black owl skin tho!
MrLbroom - Måned siden
The Paris Fuel. The prediction was true. 👀👏🏻😂
Will O
Will O - Måned siden
LA teams have the most chad Reinhardts
Mango :D
Mango :D - Måned siden
NanoNasone - Måned siden
El Chapo
El Chapo - Måned siden
No the most ruthless rein is Bumper and don’t you forget it
Sala MarcuGiac
Sala MarcuGiac - Måned siden
Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Benjamin Outar
Benjamin Outar - Måned siden
Super “tank failure” tf
Iestyn - Måned siden
Jaws saw the Dallas-Paris trades happening. He called them “Paris fuel” in June...
Iestyn - Måned siden
@Overwatch League 😳
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
@facemash Oops.
facemash - Måned siden
Script leaked earlier than we all thought
Smashing Pumpkin
Smashing Pumpkin - Måned siden
Hey overwatch league thanks for the highlights there so enjoyable👍👍
Samuel J Wilson
Samuel J Wilson - Måned siden
3:58, ah yes the 'Paris fuel', my fav team
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
@Jonah 🤐
Jonah - Måned siden
@Petrit Avdyli OWL scripted smh
Petrit Avdyli
Petrit Avdyli - Måned siden
The foreshadow was always there.
Jumpy 652
Jumpy 652 - Måned siden
The Sado clutch clip on anubis shoudlve been there
NevS_H200 - Måned siden
Cloudy needs to be in owl again pls
old shoes
old shoes - Måned siden
Where are all of the old thermometer clips?
ravinblac - Måned siden
Wait wait wait why did the OWL skin in the intro have the Balderich hammer?
Heysus_ - Måned siden
finally some footage of real main tanks, you love to see it
Daniel Frise
Daniel Frise - Måned siden
Have we really gone through every hero already?
Daniel Frise
Daniel Frise - 29 dager siden
@Overwatch League no worries, they deserve it!
MrLbroom - Måned siden
@Overwatch League 👍🏻
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
@MrLbroom Ahhh okay. With the holidays coming up, our editor for this series is taking a bit of time, so no tease just yet!
MrLbroom - Måned siden
@Overwatch League he’s asking because there is no ending clip showing what the next one will be.
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
Uhh no?
Hosentraeger125 - Måned siden
DREAMER insanley underrated!!!!!!
Xavier - Måned siden
What's up with the hammer in the highlight intro?
smoble hoble
smoble hoble - Måned siden
Ryzoms - Måned siden
Bren hypes Roars shatter soo much its sick🔥🔥
Sloan Rogers
Sloan Rogers - Måned siden
2:57 Dreamers 3/6 man against Eternal 👌👌👌
Brady Williams
Brady Williams - Måned siden
Gladiators are so dumb for releasing cloudy
Airination - Måned siden
No teaser for next hero?!
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
With the holidays coming up, our editor for this series is taking a bit of time, so no tease just yet!
kris - Måned siden
That's a lot of dumb luck too, lets be honest. Ruthless, but really lucky too.
Jonas - Måned siden
What is that hammer glitch in the first highlight intro?
You’re Fcking Mad
You’re Fcking Mad - Måned siden
@Derp the hammer isn't the default one
Derp - Måned siden
What’s the glitch?
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
Stephen Shipp
Stephen Shipp - Måned siden
"Super the most rutheless reinhardt"
Two clips for shock
Ones for and ones against
Dayz Ahat
Dayz Ahat - 25 dager siden
@joao vilar about what ?
joao vilar
joao vilar - Måned siden
@Overwatch League NA production still salty about that 1v1
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
@joao vilar Because this isn't a Super highlights 😉
joao vilar
joao vilar - Måned siden
@Overwatch League then why not show more of his highlights?
Hunter Whitledge
Hunter Whitledge - Måned siden
The yottachad wasn’t even in here. Sadge
Dantheman03 P
Dantheman03 P - Måned siden
Fearless best tank
jnub - Måned siden
dreamer so nasty
Ameri OW
Ameri OW - Måned siden
The Michael Jordan of Overwatch only had one clip. Sadge
Axafekt - 29 dager siden
@Adam Block carpe for me.
Adam Block
Adam Block - Måned siden
I'd consider Sinatra almost more that. In comparison. But both are amazing
L A Gav
L A Gav - Måned siden
@Anthony Tran yes indeed Rascal is gone sadge
Anthony Tran
Anthony Tran - Måned siden
The bench warmer Sadge
James Afford
James Afford - Måned siden
@Overwatch League LETS GO
BanditoTheDoritoMain - Måned siden
cashew m e l o n
Brim Wats
Brim Wats - 29 dager siden
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
MiOGEO - Måned siden
old thermometer energy-efficient
Jonah Parker
Jonah Parker - Måned siden
Insane bro
Cooper Harrison
Cooper Harrison - Måned siden
Can’t wait for the next vid good job
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - Måned siden
Zach Rothenberg
Zach Rothenberg - Måned siden
never clicked faster
WattledGem OW
WattledGem OW - Måned siden
First one
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
2:15 — Ouch.. Closer got SMUSHED.
Jesus angel Perez elizalde
Jesus angel Perez elizalde - 26 dager siden
Krejos Der II.
Krejos Der II. - Måned siden