Road to the Grand Finals | Overwatch League 2020 Season

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All the incredible moments of the 2020 Overwatch League season have led to this one FINAL event, Grand Finals. To truly get into the spirit, the T-Mobile Road to Grand Finals takes us through all the highs and lows of the season leading up to this!
Grand Finals Teams & Players:
San Francisco Shock
- Super, Rascal, Choihyobin, Viol2t, ANS, Striker, Moth, Smurf, Twilight, Ta1yo
Shanghai Dragons:
- Diya, Fearless, Void, Luffy, DDing, Lip, Fleta, Geguri, Izayaki, Diem, LeeJaeGon, Stand1
Philadelphia Fusion
- BoomBox, Carpe, Poko, Ivy, Alarm, Heesu, EQO, Fury, Sado, FunnyAstro, ChipSa
Seoul Dynasty
- Tobi, Profit, Marve1, Slime, Illicit, Toyou, Bdosin, Gesture, Michelle, Fits, Creative
Knocked Out Teams:
- Paris Eternal
- Florida Mayhem
- Los Angeles Valiant
- Los Angeles Gladiators
- Atlanta Reign
- Houston Outlaws
- Dallas Fuel
- Washington Justice
- Toronto Defiant
- Vancouver Titans
- Boston Uprising
- New York Excelsior
- Guangzhou Charge
- Hangzhou Spark
- Chengdu Hunters
- London Spitfire
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Runtime: 05:36


Overwatch League
Overwatch League - 3 måneder siden
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What was your favorite moment from this incredible season?!
Cian Whorgun
Cian Whorgun - 3 måneder siden
0:56 first owl player to play from laptop
Bobby Da worm
Bobby Da worm - 3 måneder siden
Its carpet!
Herbert He
Herbert He - 3 måneder siden
Production team Chicken for MVP?
Brod - 3 måneder siden
It’s seismic shock time
Totally Legitimate
Totally Legitimate - 3 måneder siden
Let's go Fusion!!!
Kalaple - 3 måneder siden
xFer - 3 måneder siden
Big oof indeed
Chris HERBIN - 3 måneder siden
한서우 - 3 måneder siden
where is Seoul Dynasty in this video? too short..
Dream 1882
Dream 1882 - 3 måneder siden
@Demangjan Demangjan well that aged well
Im Amarz123
Im Amarz123 - 3 måneder siden
APAC was better Jesus
Demangjan Demangjan
Demangjan Demangjan - 3 måneder siden
@Martin which one
Martin - 3 måneder siden
@Demangjan Demangjan well their match tells me different
Gen I guess uwu
Gen I guess uwu - 3 måneder siden
Demangjan Demangjan this game is going kinda well now