Overwatch League 2021 UPDATE - BlizzConline, Season Launch, Tournaments, NA/APAC | Ft. Jon Spector

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The incredible 2020 season has officially come to an end, which means we do have a little bit of down time before we get the 2021 season up and running. Jon Spector joins us today to talk through some of the plans for the 2021 season, including BlizzConline, season launch, tournament structures, and the NA / APAC regions.
Overwatch League Teams:
- San Francisco Shock
- Shanghai Dragons:
- Philadelphia Fusion
- Seoul Dynasty
- Paris Eternal
- Florida Mayhem
- Los Angeles Valiant
- Los Angeles Gladiators
- Atlanta Reign
- Houston Outlaws
- Dallas Fuel
- Washington Justice
- Toronto Defiant
- Vancouver Titans
- Boston Uprising
- New York Excelsior
- Guangzhou Charge
- Hangzhou Spark
- Chengdu Hunters
- London Spitfire
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Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
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What dream team(s) could take down the San Francisco Shock (3:04)?!
Booming Bob
Booming Bob - 23 dager siden
@Leo jung lol
Leo jung
Leo jung - 24 dager siden
Booming Bob
Booming Bob - Måned siden
@Travis Brown they really do they’ve been either low or middle
Travis Brown
Travis Brown - Måned siden
@Booming Bob Dallas Fuel needs to have faith
Booming Bob
Booming Bob - Måned siden
@Travis Brown Noice
Yolo Swaggins
Yolo Swaggins - 2 dager siden
Love the new updates. Thank you OWL team for wanting to make the league better for us ♡
ShadowDragon 101
ShadowDragon 101 - 8 dager siden
is it just me that is not paying attention to the aktual video and just reading the whiteboard and the note beside it
Francescoo Caroe'
Francescoo Caroe' - 9 dager siden
What about overwatch 2 for this year's blizzconline?
EliteToadLord - Måned siden
Why does the music give me Paladins vibes...
Ben Chesworth
Ben Chesworth - Måned siden
Can't believe Im37 is still 37. So bold to announce his immortality.
TimeWaste - Måned siden
Ok but like...why hasn't anyone drafted Harb yet?
Bruce Yuan
Bruce Yuan - Måned siden
OW2 for OL2021?
CBQEXE OW - Måned siden
no world cup
Samuel Gladding
Samuel Gladding - Måned siden
me waiting for them to introduce the overwatch 2 league
Ethan Stone
Ethan Stone - Måned siden
When are the green Valiant skins coming back?
SirYeetusCleetusThe69th - Måned siden
Hey everyone this is Jeff from the Overwatch League.
Hey everyone this is Jon from the Overwatch team.
Eddy Herrera
Eddy Herrera - Måned siden
Papa Jeff can single handedly beat the San Francisco shock.
Awesome Jack
Awesome Jack - Måned siden
You sure the season's getting delayed because of the pandemic? you sure it isn't getting delayed because of "something" that has a "2" in it?? JUST SAYIN.
extra vaganza
extra vaganza - Måned siden
do you even blink bro
ButterBoy42 - Måned siden
Overwatch 2 ofc is why they're pushing the league to spring
helenx - Måned siden
he didn’t even blink
Kayosaur - Måned siden
sleepy frogger support duo against shock
Teguh Saputro
Teguh Saputro - Måned siden
Ded gem tho
Chusnul Fatiq JOMBANG
Chusnul Fatiq JOMBANG - Måned siden
Terima kasih informasinya
Michael Marhal
Michael Marhal - Måned siden
would be cool if next season of overwatch league plays overwatch 2 with push mode and all the new heroes
David Goldstein
David Goldstein - Måned siden
Could we please have Capture The Flag exhibition matches?
Shadow Girl
Shadow Girl - Måned siden
His to-do list includes "Nerf Crusty and SF" >.< We will not roll over silently!!!
Jonathan HDBNG Symmank
Jonathan HDBNG Symmank - Måned siden
Wouldn’t mind having OWL teams compete in the Gauntlet
kpay - Måned siden
So there's no more countries be other countries in the overwatch world cup???
HAPPENN - Måned siden
NoahPWSC - Måned siden
Why he sound like Jeff tho
MMG - Måned siden
Does he blink??
Luke - Måned siden
wen does OWL comeback in 2021?
syuk3n - Måned siden
the "To do list" in the background is comedy gold
Shadowswarm 0
Shadowswarm 0 - Måned siden
Thanks for being transparent with all this, unlike some other branches of overwatch development.... 👀
Mailman - Måned siden
shock vs the world? it’s only super now 😅
Vugson - Måned siden
GG Platchat
Zzbub - Måned siden
Tanks: Super and Harb
Dps: Linkzr and Danteh
Supports: Moth and ml7
Mystrie - Måned siden
Off season tournament series!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!
lol no
lol no - Måned siden
"Nerf crusty"
Every other team in OWL "dont do that, dont give me hope"
Feldeil - Måned siden
Thank you for the actual communication. Something that has been sorely lacking. Looking forward to next season.
Neko - Måned siden
Jon: *Talking about the San Fransisco Shock*
Video: *3 straight videos of Rascal*
NevS_H200 - Måned siden
"We start in april for the logistics" isnt there anything else, something with a 2 coming up?
Jonah - Måned siden
@Overwatch League good one intern-kun.
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
2021 has two 2's in it...?
Aallotar252 - Måned siden
yeyoon song
yeyoon song - Måned siden
owl 2021 script version 10????? there were 10 scripts?
yeyoon song
yeyoon song - Måned siden
@Ian Choi oh...
Ian Choi
Ian Choi - Måned siden
it says 1.0
Swayzer - Måned siden
You stay safe too Jon and OWL peoples
Ersen - Måned siden
Paused 5 seconds into the video and I'm laughing... CAN'T WAIT for the new season. Despite everything in the world going wrong, last season featured so many fantastic games.
Resolt Krage
Resolt Krage - Måned siden
Wouldn't the next season of OWL be for OW2.
Moisés.E - Måned siden
The league will be on Youtube right?
Ian Choi
Ian Choi - Måned siden
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz - Måned siden
"Ensure teams announce after Plat Chat taping" xDDDD
The season begins in sprint tho ))):
Santiago Rodríguez
Santiago Rodríguez - Måned siden
Can't wait for the new season c:
Jayden Hesik
Jayden Hesik - Måned siden
Cant Wait!
Baron Sengir
Baron Sengir - Måned siden
"Nerf Crusty" accurate.
Rakkhat - Måned siden
ans vs aimbot workshop bot
Qiang Zhang
Qiang Zhang - Måned siden
jesus, info we can get from this 4 minutes long video: blizzconline Feb 19th-20th
Boston Uprising
Boston Uprising - Måned siden
Better not blink when keeping an eye on im37. We heard he's fast. Like, speedrunner fast. 👀
Smashing Pumpkin
Smashing Pumpkin - Måned siden
How fast
TimTime - Måned siden
New teams? :((((
The Otaku
The Otaku - Måned siden
Behind him LUL XD!!!!
clankque - Måned siden
Blink twice if you need help jon
Rob Francs
Rob Francs - Måned siden
Spector looks like uncle jeff son
Myx - Måned siden
ForsenCD ✌️2x champion
MURDASTANG - Måned siden
My vote is definitely for the full time clown make up......brilliant lol.
Blade_ Of_ares
Blade_ Of_ares - Måned siden
Lunatic hai vs San Francisco shock
Khrishan Solanki
Khrishan Solanki - Måned siden
Lol plat chat
SaRX6 - Måned siden
Any 2 timers forsenCD
vkaivos - Måned siden
Ghtf - Måned siden
That shock vs the world is gonna be fantastic
Aqua 2k
Aqua 2k - Måned siden
Lets go dude
Przemysław Moskal
Przemysław Moskal - Måned siden
Twitch please
Angus Noble
Angus Noble - Måned siden
So when do we find out about the legality of players kissing strat?
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas - Måned siden
Nerf Crusty ... he can't be nerfed ahahaha
מידן טמיר
מידן טמיר - Måned siden
We stan Jon Spector
Garry Arganis
Garry Arganis - Måned siden
content creators vs SFS OMEGALUL , that will be an easy 3-0verwatch.
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams - Måned siden
Ahh tournament structure - like... every other esport. Not complaining, just amused that the plan is to fall back on the tried and true method.
Andrick - Måned siden
Go back to Twitch please
Numb Skullz
Numb Skullz - Måned siden
Can we just go with the Atlantic and Pacific playoffs?
Nathan Baca
Nathan Baca - Måned siden
Nerf Crusty
Avinash S
Avinash S - Måned siden
Would be great if you can actually enable drops and stuff in india. We get no rewards for watching ads here which you benefit from. Seems unfair yeah?
Rmdhn - Måned siden
Just say Tobi's fate
Tarek A
Tarek A - Måned siden
So basically that's when ow2 comes out.
Chris Cornel Betker
Chris Cornel Betker - Måned siden
Hey qustion Please is it for ps4?
KallinLee - Måned siden
thank you mr. Spector
Miles Yum
Miles Yum - Måned siden
Looking forward to shock v the world!
Syncrinal - Måned siden
So basically, we starting the season along with overwatch 2
myfriedme - Måned siden
Thanks Phil Spector
RichHillSU - Måned siden
Who cares about all that stuff. Is Super going to replacing Reinhardts voice actor in Overwatch 2?
Cody Sauers
Cody Sauers - Måned siden
dosent matter what the shock did this year. if mercy is still meta they lost moth and won't win. If for some reason ana and zen come into meta then they will do great because of twilight. Either way good job shock you lost your all time best main healer ever.
Agroed - Måned siden
"Check rules for players kissing strategy."?
Noobspanker - Måned siden
@Anxiety That's hilarious! Do you have the source?
Anxiety - Måned siden
Super joked about kissing teammates on stage to distract the other team so Shock could win easier
Mindful Gamer
Mindful Gamer - Måned siden
Overwatch 2 when???
Booming Bob
Booming Bob - Måned siden
Excited to see the new season
Phoney - Måned siden
That whiteboard in the background
Filip Nowak
Filip Nowak - Måned siden
That to do list! ROFL
Ryan Schmitt
Ryan Schmitt - Måned siden
“Sideshow, did you polish your head in the Shine-O Ball-O?”
“Okay then.” **Checks hair in reflection**
Mike Green
Mike Green - Måned siden
Why are we keeping "Eyes on IM37"??
Sparkee - Måned siden
Im37 on the hunt for Jon's position with his speed run record.
Adam - Måned siden
OWL 2021 being played on OW2. Must be
Ingmar Linnarsson
Ingmar Linnarsson - Måned siden
(not custa)
JerSkrued - Måned siden
Jon stole our lords Jeff's catchphrase
Omnie Gaming
Omnie Gaming - Måned siden
4:06 There goes my chance of sleeping tonight
Blaze Clan
Blaze Clan - Måned siden
If y’all nerfed crusty you would only make moth more nervous.
A Thing
A Thing - Måned siden
Who's gonna tell-..... nevermind we already did good job boys
L A Gav
L A Gav - Måned siden
@perhe Pesonen sadge
perhe Pesonen
perhe Pesonen - Måned siden
Moth signed for gladiators..
Ruben Tandy
Ruben Tandy - Måned siden
can anyone read the back??
hy3na - Måned siden
yes, it says that there will be many more plat chat emergency episodes.
smoble hoble
smoble hoble - Måned siden
Hi Jon
JaziB - Måned siden
Good meme-ing with the whiteboard.
josbird - Måned siden
Looking good jspex!
Benacales - Måned siden
"Ensure teams announce after plat chat taping" on the whiteboard in the back go me good. Well done.