Overwatch League 2020 All-Stars | APAC

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APAC All-Stars for the 2020 Overwatch League season are here, live on September 26th on NOburn Gaming! With a incredible amount of superstars competing, who will reign supreme?!
Players Participating
- Choihyobin, Fearless, Ameng, Void, Mano, Hanbin, Guxue, Cr0ng, Fleta, Decay, Profit, ANS, Glister, Haksal, Yaki, Carpe, Myunbong, Viol2t, Alarm, LeeJaeGon, Shu, JJonak, Tobi, Izayaki
Teams Participating:
- San Francisco Shock
- Shanghai Dragons
- Chengdu Hunters
- New York Excelsior
- Paris Eternal
- Hangzhou Spark
- Guangzhou Charge
- Washington Justice
- Seoul Dynasty
- London Spitfire
- Florida Mayhem
- Philadelphia Fusion
- Boston Uprising
#OWL2020 #OverwatchLeague #OverwatchLive
Runtime: 6:05:08


Overwatch League
Overwatch League - 3 måneder siden
What was your favorite all-stars event?!
Bierfassner - 3 måneder siden
Tiny ov was just so hilarious ^^
凤凰之灰 AshPhoenix Gaming
凤凰之灰 AshPhoenix Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Tiny Ameng
Adam Block
Adam Block - 3 måneder siden
Carpe vs. Diem in the close widow duel!!
blurrymin9 - 3 måneder siden
tiny ow!!
Song MuWen
Song MuWen - 3 måneder siden
winston golf
Narcoleptic Kitty
Narcoleptic Kitty - 3 måneder siden
Guxue God-dess
WW Zeal Synth
WW Zeal Synth - 3 måneder siden
The dragons, Philly, and shock absolutely scare me with how versatile their players are.
Mortimer Stonewall
Mortimer Stonewall - 3 måneder siden
China is the enemy...
Galaxie01 - 3 måneder siden
TheMaexxi - 3 måneder siden
where is map4? after the workshop mode?
Mitch L.
Mitch L. - 3 måneder siden
Nova's the real MVP
Gladius - 3 måneder siden
landenthe70s - 3 måneder siden
Widow 1v1 is so lame to watch. Do something that forces them to attack or something
David - 3 måneder siden
Easy: passive health decay combined with small amount of life leach.
Rogue - 3 måneder siden
someone give me this tiny ow workshop code pls
Evan Lee
Evan Lee - 3 måneder siden
did they share the code for Tiny Overwatch?
TiMonsor - 3 måneder siden
fleta. mvp of the year. stuck last on 14\21. cool. nearest was 18
Julius Thomas
Julius Thomas - 3 måneder siden
ans is insane
Supercorp_ Nerd
Supercorp_ Nerd - 3 måneder siden
Ameng’s tiny ball is soooo funny
Azarrion - 3 måneder siden
4:40:22 So Kariv randomly switched teams?
BKRules9 - 3 måneder siden
Profit is so pure love seeing him in the Genji 1v1 facecam
Informashun - 3 måneder siden
Wolf: ana paintball man. it's a game mode. try it
Jazmin Ratliff
Jazmin Ratliff - 3 måneder siden
Owen Honican
Owen Honican - 3 måneder siden
Yeah put some respect on the name let’s go Jjonak best support in the league
Paul K
Paul K - 3 måneder siden
Rascal POG on the gun game
Xingyu Liu
Xingyu Liu - 3 måneder siden
Guxue yyds!!
WaakikiTheGoat - 3 måneder siden
Did they not show the tank role stars ?
Khrishan Solanki
Khrishan Solanki - 3 måneder siden
Decay robbed in widow 1v1
Glowing Fossil
Glowing Fossil - 3 måneder siden
this is so much fun to watch
Ttae - 3 måneder siden
Diem best 1v1 widow again
landenthe70s - 3 måneder siden
Jesus cant they start showing us play of the games
Song MuWen
Song MuWen - 3 måneder siden
so, when is rookie of the year?
The person no one knows
The person no one knows - 3 måneder siden
guxue tho
landenthe70s - 3 måneder siden
Everyone should have cameras on!
StirlingJohn612 - 3 måneder siden
timestamps when?
landenthe70s - 3 måneder siden
All star is not the same without the live crowd around them. They used to be so cheerfull. :(
Daniel Frise
Daniel Frise - 3 måneder siden
If only we had gotten to see the map 4!
Captain Energon
Captain Energon - 3 måneder siden
we finally get to see the REAL tiny overwatch, not the small room garbage you usually see
Lench - 3 måneder siden
why doesn't the OWL ever show the play of the game!!!???
blurrymin9 - 3 måneder siden
ameng us
blurrymin9 - 3 måneder siden
tiny overwatch was so fun omg
Duarte Capela
Duarte Capela - 3 måneder siden
Do you know the code for the lijiang garden mini people?
Braden Balogh
Braden Balogh - 3 måneder siden
Yojimbo Main
Yojimbo Main - 3 måneder siden
Where’s Pine
Liam McCarthy
Liam McCarthy - 3 måneder siden
He retired from owl
Ta_NYA 777
Ta_NYA 777 - 3 måneder siden
He's LFT currently.
First World Problems
First World Problems - 3 måneder siden
Is he even in owl anymore ?
B1oodTrail - 3 måneder siden
anyone know 5:53:40 code?
Verginpope 77
Verginpope 77 - 3 måneder siden
Me too
Musicman_DT - 3 måneder siden
i'm just commenting to get notified when someone posts the code
Ariel Falcore
Ariel Falcore - 3 måneder siden
5:53:03 Tiny Overwatch on Lijiang.
David - 3 måneder siden
Thank you kindly!
Daniel Frise
Daniel Frise - 3 måneder siden
Did Smurf decline to play in the Winston skill challenge?
iGolDen56 vz
iGolDen56 vz - 3 måneder siden
Why is Ark's English better than half of overwatch league players and He's korean
help ya boi out
help ya boi out - 3 måneder siden
ark went/was going to go to medical school. my boy is smart
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime - 3 måneder siden
Probably because half the OWL players are non-native English speakers you derp.
Neo - 3 måneder siden
because most other players are also korean or non native english speakers..
El Chapo
El Chapo - 3 måneder siden
Time stamps please🥺
Crayon_Logic44 - 3 måneder siden
Haksal Sombra lul
DarkSpy_ Ksa
DarkSpy_ Ksa - 3 måneder siden
Crayon_Logic44 so what ?
HJPEV - 3 måneder siden
Jinmu vs Profit battle of the face expressions
kyieori - 3 måneder siden
Imagine if widow could wallbang
Sangan 76
Sangan 76 - 3 måneder siden
with her alt that would be broken
Unhandy Gaming
Unhandy Gaming - 3 måneder siden
But where’s bastionmain
cache - 3 måneder siden
he won MVP so he’s getting rest
Ken Balding
Ken Balding - 3 måneder siden
Guxue, classic.
Leo Choi
Leo Choi - 3 måneder siden
Lol team universe was just Shanghai plus ans and alarm
The mayor
The mayor - 3 måneder siden
The beginning was my favorite part
Jweeeb - 3 måneder siden
Hi, for clarification if you are watching all stars for the first time, all they did was play 3 matches no matter what happens.
kingchunk77 - 3 måneder siden
truck meta > tube meta
Nico Louise
Nico Louise - 3 måneder siden
Ameng ball pog
The BrainGamer
The BrainGamer - 3 måneder siden
Can we get timestamps please?
iGolDen56 vz
iGolDen56 vz - 3 måneder siden
OK fleta. How were you stuck on moira? XD
Daniel Hopper
Daniel Hopper - 3 måneder siden
too many hogs and reins lol
Saif Gamer
Saif Gamer - 3 måneder siden
I’m crying
Saif Gamer
Saif Gamer - 3 måneder siden
Why carpe
Jesus EA sports it’s in the game
Saif Gamer why naut?
Saif Gamer
Saif Gamer - 3 måneder siden
What demon hunter
Saif Gamer
Saif Gamer - 3 måneder siden
DarkSpy_ Ksa
DarkSpy_ Ksa - 3 måneder siden
Saif Gamer ??
akashi ᄋᄉᄋ
akashi ᄋᄉᄋ - 3 måneder siden
Smoof - 3 måneder siden
4:28:43 :residentsleeper:
LieMintPyon - 3 måneder siden
Diem in tube AKA DiemZordon, please jeff!!!
Daniel Hopper
Daniel Hopper - 3 måneder siden
that last map is what all-stars is all about.
Panda Kun
Panda Kun - 3 måneder siden
Guxue is soooooooooo pretty Lol, and tiny Ameng ball is POG
안석진 - 3 måneder siden
안스랑 플레타조합의 팀유니버스 가 개사기인데 ㄷㄷ 갠적으로둘다좋아하는선수들이라 ㅋ
DarkSpy_ Ksa
DarkSpy_ Ksa - 3 måneder siden
안석진 shut your mouth
Kody Hall
Kody Hall - 3 måneder siden
Why does this video start 1-0?
iGolDen56 vz
iGolDen56 vz - 3 måneder siden
Profit chokedddd genji 1v1
DarkSpy_ Ksa
DarkSpy_ Ksa - 3 måneder siden
iGolDen56 vz genji bad hero
Arkhal1s - 3 måneder siden
Dude Guxue though
Vicente Oliveira
Vicente Oliveira - 3 måneder siden
tiny overwatch is amazing
8lackyj - 3 måneder siden
Who will be playing for the other regions?
Freezey - 3 måneder siden
The teams weren’t really fair for the regular games
KChen48 - 3 måneder siden
It's just that 4 Shanghai players on one team gave them the advantage. The existing synergy rlly helped them. Also, rialto was very close, so it wasn't that unfair
Andrew Loris
Andrew Loris - 3 måneder siden
On paper they were very even
RayTheGamer - 3 måneder siden
this just felt so empty with no fans in the background
Zak0o 1
Zak0o 1 - 3 måneder siden
That’s covid
Bob Americanu
Bob Americanu - 3 måneder siden
Really cool ideas. Pls fix widow hs tho.
Yuki - 3 måneder siden
Will there be another stream?
Noah Lockwood
Noah Lockwood - 3 måneder siden
they do an na/eu stream
Dest Mezz
Dest Mezz - 3 måneder siden
Its not the same hype without fans 😥2021 will be our year
Austin Clubb
Austin Clubb - 3 måneder siden
Yeah, but next year should be extremely hype. Finals might be in person too.
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez - 3 måneder siden
What was the surprise?
Tuna - 3 måneder siden
why are they pretending like they invented ana paintball
Jack Watson
Jack Watson - 3 måneder siden
Casters never played Ana paintball before?
reubengdh - 3 måneder siden
What happened with the stream
Jisang K
Jisang K - 3 måneder siden
it ended
Joe Boi
Joe Boi - 3 måneder siden
Real ones know about Amengs ball