How to do the Dirty Work on Widowmaker & Still Get CLUTCH Kills?! | In My Sights: ANS' Widowmaker

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Welcome to another episode of In My Sights! This time, Hex follows ANS' POV on Widowmaker & Ashe and breaks down his performances that led the San Francisco Shock past the Seoul Dynasty on Map 5 of the 2020 Grand Finals.
Three Keys to SUCCESS:
1) Perfect shot timing
2) Unafraid to chunk away at tanks
3) Smart venom mine placement
Overwatch League Teams:
- San Francisco Shock
- Shanghai Dragons:
- Philadelphia Fusion
- Seoul Dynasty
- Paris Eternal
- Florida Mayhem
- Los Angeles Valiant
- Los Angeles Gladiators
- Atlanta Reign
- Houston Outlaws
- Dallas Fuel
- Washington Justice
- Toronto Defiant
- Vancouver Titans
- Boston Uprising
- New York Excelsior
- Guangzhou Charge
- Hangzhou Spark
- Chengdu Hunters
- London Spitfire
#OWL2020 #Widowmaker #ANSOverwatch
Runtime: 12:34


Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
Where do you rank ANS' amongst the best Widowmakers in the league?!
Classified SHADOW
Classified SHADOW - Måned siden
@Mo Cha yeah
Ryan PALIATSOS - Måned siden
@Classified SHADOW thats ofcourse why shd won season 3!
Da Experx
Da Experx - Måned siden
Crayon_Logic44 - Måned siden
2nd, fits is ranked 1st by stats
avexti - Måned siden
@NeonGlitch what
Octavius Alpharius
Octavius Alpharius - Måned siden
If you're going to do vod reviews of the popular players can you not trim out 90% of the useful information? Between the stuff that's wrong and the stuff that's situational this isn't the greatest instructional content. Would be great to see full reviews by actual high level players or staff that could maybe help casual players improve.
shadesofdiscordia - Måned siden
Ans vs carpe. The true proving ground for him. Imagine being able to carry with shadowburn and fragi. No shade but carpe is the one true overwatch player that can pull the righteous skill sword from the stone.
Casey Pham
Casey Pham - Måned siden
Do one on void?
Fischer Jakowski
Fischer Jakowski - Måned siden
loop - Måned siden
Anyone else miss watching OW so much
loop - Måned siden
Does he actually sand his mousepad?
Sharezer shaffers
Sharezer shaffers - Måned siden
Jesse Is vibin’
Jesse Is vibin’ - Måned siden
Tracer winter skin? 🤔
Andrew w
Andrew w - Måned siden
Moth missing teleporter because hes nervous
Aerogel - Måned siden
Simply no Anser
Crayon_Logic44 - Måned siden
Bet yall didn't know Fits ranked 1st for widow this season. Put some respect on the name.
Nathaniel Walker
Nathaniel Walker - Måned siden
With split regions it's hard to take any rankings seriously.
pen art
pen art - Måned siden
The background music make these so enjoyable
Gilgala - Måned siden
Maybe In my sights Fleta?
xFer - Måned siden
Mr OWL guy, dogs or cats? Pepsi or coke? Xbox or ps? Pineapple on pizza yes or no?
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
@xFer Like usually no, but sometimes it can work well 😄
xFer - Måned siden
@Overwatch League wdym rarely >:|
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
Dogs, Coke, Xbox 5 years ago but PS now, Rarely pineapple...
L A Gav
L A Gav - Måned siden
Dogs coke Xbox no pineapple
achu - Måned siden
Thomas Yun
Thomas Yun - Måned siden
4th theirs better widows in the leauge
A salazar
A salazar - Måned siden
BQB, Heesu, Libero, and Birdring lol I'm cappin
Da Experx
Da Experx - Måned siden
Antoine - Måned siden
@Nebian Maybe Xzi or Happy?
Nebian - Måned siden
Maybe fits or decay?
Nebian - Måned siden
Who? Diem, Linkzr, Carpe? Maybe Logix? Maybe Bird? Idk
pinkish - Måned siden
Just hit your shots :0
Nayceer IQ
Nayceer IQ - Måned siden
The way his team plays around him and gives him all the space in the world to work is their biggest success imo
Nayceer IQ
Nayceer IQ - 26 dager siden
@google inc you have to be baiting
google inc
google inc - 26 dager siden
not one person is flanking him, these are pros that can aim without pro intellect, flank around and shoot window in the back, you have tracer blinking on point fighting tanks not flanking, how can pros fail basic hero placement but everything else they're godlike??
Dest Mezz
Dest Mezz - Måned siden
Yes that how you work
Hunter Dalton
Hunter Dalton - Måned siden
The end results might of been different with the picks ups that dynasty had sbb and Anamo for this game
L A Gav
L A Gav - Måned siden
Better or worse?
Eli Shaya
Eli Shaya - Måned siden
Definitely my favorite series on the channel, keep it up!
Kytwo - Måned siden
hey mister owl person apple or oranges?
L A Gav
L A Gav - Måned siden
@Overwatch League you know the way of the orange
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
@A2YearOld Always!
A2YearOld - Måned siden
Wow owl person really responded XD
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
Hmm... Oranges.
Prateek Minhas
Prateek Minhas - Måned siden
Is the background music say so by Doja?
Prateek Minhas
Prateek Minhas - Måned siden
@joseph oyewole dunno , sounds like say so to me
joseph oyewole
joseph oyewole - Måned siden
no, not even close.
Prateek Minhas
Prateek Minhas - Måned siden
joseph oyewole the whole game from the start
joseph oyewole
joseph oyewole - Måned siden
a7ch1e ow
a7ch1e ow - Måned siden
can you do roadhog with gesture
Tabokii - Måned siden
@Overwatch League lets gooo
Malcum 333
Malcum 333 - Måned siden
@Overwatch League of course y’all do
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
Definitely a good option! We DO have Mr Super on Roadhog coming up soon though
Kevin Chudzinski
Kevin Chudzinski - Måned siden
Waiting for the Winter event to start with no teasers is the worst......
Like waiting for Christmas.
Gabriel Isakov
Gabriel Isakov - Måned siden
wtf - Måned siden
Remove Grappling Hook
A2YearOld - Måned siden
@Overwatch League you can still wish
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
@Aqua 2k Pfft, I, the OWL NOburn Manager, have the power to change EVERYTHING. . . . . . jk.
wtf - Måned siden
@Aqua 2k Who are you
Aqua 2k
Aqua 2k - Måned siden
Why are you commenting here? OWL is not in charge of balance changes
Sykoshiro09 - Måned siden
@Overwatch League 💪
latte ow
latte ow - Måned siden
first 😍🖤
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
Hmm i kind of actually was... but i'll let you have it this time
Ben Prat
Ben Prat - Måned siden
“How to do the dirty on widow”
Paradox Psychosis
Paradox Psychosis - 14 dager siden
xFer - Måned siden
R34 artists:
a7ch1e ow
a7ch1e ow - Måned siden
chipsa fan ALERT
MyNameIsJoe :D
MyNameIsJoe :D - Måned siden
@Overwatch League HAHAHA🤣
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
Bangtan Doggo
Bangtan Doggo - Måned siden
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - Måned siden
2:05 — The reason Moth is always nervous... ouch.
Student Kage Yuan
Student Kage Yuan - Måned siden
hes going to get more nervous against ans this year
SATAN 666 - Måned siden
Moth nervous😖
Minecraft mule
Minecraft mule - Måned siden
he ded