GRAND FINALS | @San Francisco Shock vs @Seoul Dynasty | Grand Finals Weekend | Day 3

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Grand Finals for the 2020 Overwatch League season is finally here, live on October 8th-10th on NOburn Gaming! WHO. WILL. BE. CHAMPIONS?!
Seoul Dynasty
- Tobi, Profit, Marve1, Slime, Illicit, Toyou, Bdosin, Gesture, Michelle, Fits, Creative
San Francisco Shock
- Super, Rascal, Choihyobin, Viol2t, ANS, Striker, Moth, Smurf, Twilight, Ta1yo
#OWL2020 #SanFranciscoShock #SeoulDynasty
Runtime: 3:02:10


Overwatch League
Overwatch League - 3 måneder siden
09:16 - Map 1
27:56 - Map 2
01:06:50 - Map 3
01:28:42 - Map 4
Nih0r -
Nih0r - - 2 dager siden
@aerograd m-e-l-on-m-e-a-n-s-m-e-l-o-n
Booming Bob
Booming Bob - 2 måneder siden
aerograd - 2 måneder siden
@Overwatch League w-h-a-t-d-o-e-s-m-e-l-o-n-m-e-a-n-m-e-l-o-n
La Cai
La Cai - 2 måneder siden
Soooo Melon won the season, feels bad shock
Tonlly - 3 måneder siden
Alex Galvez
Alex Galvez - Dag siden
People actually watch this??? 🤔
Js - Dag siden
tenurialgnome_67 - 5 dager siden
Every member of Dynasty has the exact same haircut
Can’t think Of one
Can’t think Of one - 10 dager siden
And now ans rascal and moth are gone sadge
killer 56
killer 56 - 14 dager siden
the casters just ignored viol2t's contribution
Nathan Casey
Nathan Casey - 18 dager siden
Why can’t five work against what the meta comp was?
김규영 - 21 dag siden
This become my favourite league game
김경민 - 23 dager siden
12명중에 한국인이 10명이누 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
aiden young
aiden young - 24 dager siden
hog and ball torture, nice.
de vanhufkes
de vanhufkes - 25 dager siden
No cap profit gone insane in this championship
Diane Adams
Diane Adams - 29 dager siden
This one goes for everyone saying Shock was done when Sinatraa retired. Even without their mvp they still won it all.
Funny now, every single one in the shock has the mvp potential.
Danny Torres
Danny Torres - Måned siden
How is this "Pro" play? SO MANY WIFFS
Kirin - Måned siden
You try playing in the owl, plus even if they’re the top of the top that doesn’t mean they’re going to hit every single shot
Wow it jake
Wow it jake - Måned siden
“Hog diff”
DreamOn - Måned siden
2:03:50 pls give me this trackk xD
alexalex - Måned siden
Notice how there’s zero girls
Wesley Moreira
Wesley Moreira - 2 måneder siden
The only white dude on Shock playing Overwatch is cultural appropriation : )
David P
David P - Dag siden
There's 2 white guys on shock super and moth
ToXiC YYBM - 2 måneder siden
One of the commentators sounds like Finn balor from wwe
lost in nightmares
lost in nightmares - 2 måneder siden
Казалось бы причём тут азазин?
XXXChampXXX7087 - 2 måneder siden
Shanghai vs shock would have been better.
Curious - 2 måneder siden
Just Some Rock with Internet Access
Moth nervous.
Veea - 3 måneder siden
Viol2t is insane on hanamura...
Austin gun
Austin gun - 3 måneder siden
Love ❤️
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim - 3 måneder siden
10 Koreans in the final?? Still Korean League?? Lol
luis mendez
luis mendez - 3 måneder siden
listen to your heart
Ralli22 - 3 måneder siden
They don't spectate sigma enough nor hammond
An Absolute Brainlet
An Absolute Brainlet - 3 måneder siden
tf2 is better
Misty Lover
Misty Lover - Måned siden
@Student Kage Yuan me pooping in the bathroom is better.
Student Kage Yuan
Student Kage Yuan - 3 måneder siden
ur mom is better hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahmahahahahahahahahahaha
Rmdhn - 3 måneder siden
Death match with players from Seoul, Shanghai, Shock, gonna be chaos
Muff1n - 3 måneder siden
Who won?
Lord Vile
Lord Vile - 29 dager siden
PickUpStixs69 - Måned siden
Watching the storm
Watching the storm - 3 måneder siden
Ash N
Ash N - 3 måneder siden
Please someone teach her how to say Dynasty
Sam - 3 måneder siden
people still play overwatch huh
Lachtt - Måned siden
Mans clicked on an overwatch pro league final just to comment about the game dying
David Basa
David Basa - 3 måneder siden
Dynasty has the best skins period
Lord Vile
Lord Vile - 29 dager siden
Paris and justice disagree
KingCrashWrites - 2 måneder siden
Nah Florida🗿
H1DD3N_OW - 3 måneder siden
Defiant wants to say no
Student Kage Yuan
Student Kage Yuan - 3 måneder siden
Zaby - 3 måneder siden
It's a shame Jake doesn't get to cast it. Like he's the only caster that actually understands the game and can provide insigthful commentary the other casters are plat and only scream, pepe brains...
Student Kage Yuan
Student Kage Yuan - 3 måneder siden
uber best caster though
이서하 - 3 måneder siden
Observer insisted on 3rd person pov and missed insane plays like so many times in grand finals AND throughout the entire season
Better observing next year plz...
OW Nanchi
OW Nanchi - 3 måneder siden
hi ta1yo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samanda Morris
Samanda Morris - 3 måneder siden
Yeh respect dynasty but shock are the best
Connor - 3 måneder siden
Shifty 226
Shifty 226 - 3 måneder siden
Seoul only made it this far cuz profit, SF made it this far cuz the team
Baby Gay
Baby Gay - 25 dager siden
Cuz of viol2t and crusty you mean! Youre welcome😁
gabe keleher
gabe keleher - 3 måneder siden
we all knew how this game was going to go
Baruch The floor
Baruch The floor - 3 måneder siden
It made me so happy seeing the shock in the end celebrating and seeing ans crying made me sad but both teams did amazing
Jose Genovez
Jose Genovez - 3 måneder siden
Super just kinda walked over gesture on hog
Pudgey Pig
Pudgey Pig - 3 måneder siden
Did they get rid of the "on fire" feature for spectators? very sad
ebonyaxe - 3 måneder siden
2019 SF Shock: golden stage, golden crown
2020: Sf Shock: GOLDEN ERA
RebornJoker - 3 måneder siden
Golden State
Anym - 3 måneder siden
1:55:08 jesus christ lady on the right, 2nd row, 2nd cam, calm down
ReasonableRadio - 3 måneder siden
Correction: Ans is the 2nd best DPS player. Viol2t is the best DPS player in the world right now.
Sandwitch Chan
Sandwitch Chan - 3 måneder siden
TheCanadianLemur - 3 måneder siden
'We just think the NA region is weak"
Get rekt APAC
Js - Dag siden
Shock have like 2 players from NA
TheBattleNetwork - 2 måneder siden
Yeah NA is pretty weak the only one that beat APAC was the Shock
CallmeKev _
CallmeKev _ - 3 måneder siden
@TheCanadianLemur NA should stop thinking shock is part of them , Shock is above any region
smokyninja724 - 3 måneder siden
Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Jessie Aponte
Jessie Aponte - 3 måneder siden
The Finisher!
Patipan - 3 måneder siden
Anyone wondered why the Grand Final Trophy looked like Reinhardt's head?
CURSED - 3 måneder siden
Uh oh. Shock are becoming the New England patriots of OWL. Thank god they have nice players like super. otherwise I’d dislike them.
Misty Lover
Misty Lover - Måned siden
Patriots fan here 😎
JxR Vlogs
JxR Vlogs - 3 måneder siden
Cashew Delisi
Cashtree - 3 måneder siden
Boring.... :(
TristN - 3 måneder siden
Nate Da Flaco well necessarily wouldn’t say no skill but they ain’t that strong yes
Nate Da Flaco
Nate Da Flaco - 3 måneder siden
Paris are genji one trick team no skill
TristN - 3 måneder siden
johnnyboi Mhm
not maki
not maki - 3 måneder siden
TristN hence the Paris eternal pfp lol
TristN - 3 måneder siden
Someone salty there team lost
Noah Borba
Noah Borba - 3 måneder siden
Striker OP
ayu neyo
ayu neyo - 3 måneder siden
Alright my boys
Encrypted - 3 måneder siden
Some ppl thought that it was fusion going to win but fusion didn’t even qualify
Gavin Enderson
Gavin Enderson - 3 måneder siden
Truly great match both teams are really good but the shock are just next level
Misty Lover
Misty Lover - Måned siden
🐯 : I'm shocked that we LOST that one we should've won.
Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson - 3 måneder siden
Hello stranger
jade wang
jade wang - 3 måneder siden
where's that upper tone accent come from........?
Beneton - 3 måneder siden
Lovely match
iLike toCode
iLike toCode - 3 måneder siden
the camera changes to much hurts eyes
smokyninja724 - 3 måneder siden
Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Liem Duong
Liem Duong - 3 måneder siden
1:37:10 Moth's setup XD
B0B3R - Måned siden
IgwT-_-Hop3 - 3 måneder siden
Does anyone know why rascal didn’t play?
imyu - 3 måneder siden
@Nathan Banos Obviously
Nathan Banos
Nathan Banos - 3 måneder siden
@imyu but ans is better on hitscan than rascal even though rascal is good
imyu - 3 måneder siden
@Dubby but he plays soldier sombra widow
Dubby - 3 måneder siden
@IgwT-_-Hop3 hes projectile specialist like echo, genji, pharah, mei
IgwT-_-Hop3 - 3 måneder siden
What’s rascals hero pool? Like every dps except for snipers 😂
Jesus EA sports it’s in the game
Shock: *Where are the Fusion? Have they come out yet? Where is my enslaved rival?*
Shanghai: *We beat them yesterday*
Shock: *It can’t be, that’s impossible!*
Seoul: *Gone forever*
Shock: *no*
RyRy Rhyno
RyRy Rhyno - 3 måneder siden
2:36:16. Tobi punches his camera in anger.
Pytrax - 3 måneder siden
Didnt he just put it down?
Meron - 3 måneder siden
@CallmeKev _ still FUNNY tho
Daylight - 3 måneder siden
@CallmeKev _ yeah
CallmeKev _
CallmeKev _ - 3 måneder siden
@RyRy Rhyno they really tried their best it’s normal for be frustrated after losing when you gave everything you have.
Zeebra doom
Zeebra doom - 3 måneder siden
alexia - 8 dager siden
@Ethan Griffith yeah thats definitely why
Ethan Griffith
Ethan Griffith - 9 dager siden
Nerfs took Genji out of the meta
Garlic Bread
Garlic Bread - 3 måneder siden
Woundedduck25 - 3 måneder siden
Striker confirm on cheating
Alex Hunt
Alex Hunt - 3 måneder siden
2:36:42 Wym it's the 2018 shanghai dragons
Hypervizor - 3 måneder siden
Super Ego stock is up 1200%!!
Oznolem - 3 måneder siden
@Nosirrah he said that with love probably
Thicc boy
Thicc boy - 3 måneder siden
Nosirrah there isn’t
Nosirrah - 3 måneder siden
Where's the problem?
vaeix - 3 måneder siden
anyone else cried when shock won? no...? ;-; just me?
vaeix - 3 måneder siden
卂几丨爪乇 yesss 🥺🤗
卂几丨爪乇 - 3 måneder siden
Hug? ;-;
keonte lucas
keonte lucas - 3 måneder siden
Happy Uber casted the last match of the season. He's the best caster they have
Andres Vazquez
Andres Vazquez - 2 måneder siden
Under and x number one, sideshow and bren #2, they're all great though tbh
CheezDoodle Videos
CheezDoodle Videos - 3 måneder siden
Uber and X casted 2019 OWWC Grand finals, 2019 OWL grand finals, and the 2020 OWL grand finals
vvvs 2145s
vvvs 2145s - 3 måneder siden
@Brian Steve for different reasons, they’re better for casting games like the toilet bowls lol
Brian Steve
Brian Steve - 3 måneder siden
Bren and Sideshow are fantastic too
joseph oyewole
joseph oyewole - 3 måneder siden
F. Boisvert
F. Boisvert - 3 måneder siden
Super played each map, that's a comeback for someone that was mostly on the bench side this season.
Saku - 3 måneder siden
Played each map, except the map he didn't play. (Busan.)
Brett Lowe
Brett Lowe - 3 måneder siden
He always popped off when he was on though. He's always been an integral part of the Shock roster.
Vladimir Manaenkov
Vladimir Manaenkov - 3 måneder siden
Respect to my Seoul boys. They did us all proud
alexia - 7 dager siden
Yeah they really carried themselves to the defeat screen
Danny I
Danny I - 25 dager siden
Not me
Neutron n
Neutron n - Måned siden
Imma shock fan but they were some of our best competition. Mad respect for you guys
Daniel Christensen
Daniel Christensen - Måned siden
ya5a - 3 måneder siden
Alola Trainer Eclipse
Alola Trainer Eclipse - 3 måneder siden
Good job shock and dynasty
Baby Gay
Baby Gay - 25 dager siden
@Misty Lover ?
Misty Lover
Misty Lover - Måned siden
⚡: 😎. 🐯: 😒😑
Hamz Hamz
Hamz Hamz - 3 måneder siden
Both sides played well ggs
bladesofseven - 3 måneder siden
This one wasn't a one-sided blowout, easily the best grand final in OWL history to date.
Sharav Tuya
Sharav Tuya - 3 måneder siden
Ryan White
Ryan White - 3 måneder siden
bladesofseven the first one actually, London vs NYXL
조커 - 3 måneder siden
Charles Jones
Charles Jones - 3 måneder siden
Sad that it was in the worse case though. No fans shouting and supporting their sides, no grand stage and no confetti :/
CallmeKev _
CallmeKev _ - 3 måneder siden
Ivan Martinez
Ivan Martinez - 3 måneder siden
Sf Shock again😑😑. I can't be watching Owl if is always gonna be this boring
CaLi - 3 måneder siden
Only fools fail to respect greatness.
CallmeKev _
CallmeKev _ - 3 måneder siden
You can’t seriously say this match was boring have seen how both teams played so good
thatguyukno41 - 3 måneder siden
Someones salty their team lost 😂😂😂
Hunter McStup
Hunter McStup - 3 måneder siden
You’re watching the best team in Overwatch history being made, if that’s boring, idk why you watch esports
Conall Ross
Conall Ross - 3 måneder siden
if you think this match was boring, then you weren’t watching
Uptighthalo - 3 måneder siden
Let’s goooooo
Aqua Somnus
Aqua Somnus - 3 måneder siden
This one goes for everyone saying Shock was done when Sinatraa retired. Even without their mvp they still won it all.
Funny now, every single one in the shock has the mvp potential.
et1296 - 3 måneder siden
@Ruben VW architect leaving didn't matter only hurt them that one genji meta
Ruben VW
Ruben VW - 3 måneder siden
Both Sinatraa and Architect left and they still did good this season.
Bo Wang
Bo Wang - 3 måneder siden
sinatraa won’t be the mvp if he is not in this team where everyone is monster. Gives him the space and resources to do things.
Ayaan 171 Sharma
Ayaan 171 Sharma - 3 måneder siden
Striker just stepped up instead
Charles Jones
Charles Jones - 3 måneder siden
Aqua Somnus have to agree not enough credit is given to Crusty who molds this team to the success we see
Freakleak - 3 måneder siden
MoodPizza - 3 måneder siden
1:58:30 Replay button for the best play of the match
Cutmeloosebruce - Måned siden
@Baba Junnn half health kills arent clean up kills in OW when both healers are still alive.
Baba Junnn
Baba Junnn - Måned siden
@Cookie Monster profits kills were also cleanups tho??? they werent even looking his way and like 2 of them were half health
AAron Black
AAron Black - 3 måneder siden
xFer profit outplayed ans and striker... fits was just much worse
xFer - 3 måneder siden
Ans still better LUL
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster - 3 måneder siden
@Baron Sengir He killed 5 including Striker. Watch the killfeed. And Profit turned that teamfight around singlehandedly while Ans' kills were just cleanups. My point still stands.
三Akiyama - 3 måneder siden
FalknerX - 3 måneder siden
Shock: Anyone seen Fusion? Did they get out of that gulag?
ReZ EvilZ
ReZ EvilZ - 3 måneder siden
@ᄀᄂ Top 2 would've been Fusion and Shock definitely in Sombra meta. Fusion were really co-ordinated there, it was crazy.
ᄀᄂ - 3 måneder siden
@ReZ EvilZ can't deny that fusion wouldve been stronger if it wasn't roadhog meta but you're also right. Getting used to meta is also one of the most important things to win
vvvs 2145s
vvvs 2145s - 3 måneder siden
@hoani but that wasn’t the meta, so it doesn’t matter
WaakikiTheGoat - 3 måneder siden
hoani Shock beat Philly on that comp lol
ReZ EvilZ
ReZ EvilZ - 3 måneder siden
@hoani key word "if". Dude please you fusion fans been making excuses for 3 years now
Luke Mitchell
Luke Mitchell - 3 måneder siden
Proud of shock
John Gross
John Gross - 3 måneder siden
Supers chat is gunna be hyped his first stream back
Max Lùcio
Max Lùcio - 3 måneder siden
Nice San Francisco
Andrew - 3 måneder siden
We were here FeelsStrongMan
Jamaal Is Not Cool
Jamaal Is Not Cool - 3 måneder siden
Jose Osorio
Jose Osorio - 3 måneder siden
Should’ve been Boston
Aqua Somnus
Aqua Somnus - 3 måneder siden
And Dallas. Imma right?
Käpt'n Kadaver
Käpt'n Kadaver - 3 måneder siden
Yeah Boston clearly had the best tankline in the grand finals qualifiers
CallmeKev _
CallmeKev _ - 3 måneder siden
The Who ?
Charles Jones
Charles Jones - 3 måneder siden
Jsboxer {RR}
Jsboxer {RR} - 3 måneder siden
Boston had the best record cant believe they didnt make it all they way
CallmeKev _
CallmeKev _ - 3 måneder siden
Good job Seoul I’m proud of you guys you tried your best that’s all it matter 💛🖤💛🖤
CallmeKev _
CallmeKev _ - 3 måneder siden
@Nicolas Thomas sadge
Nicolas Thomas
Nicolas Thomas - 3 måneder siden
When youtube shows this comment instead of the timestamps first and spoils it for you.
Ramenrice69420 - 3 måneder siden
Sinatraa would be proud 🙏🙏🙏
Tabokii - 3 måneder siden
Shaun Albert
Shaun Albert - 3 måneder siden
Not him
Jamaal Is Not Cool
Jamaal Is Not Cool - 3 måneder siden
@Shaun Albert ???
Ok I believe you.
Ok I believe you. - 3 måneder siden
Shaun Albert he’s not mean
Shaun Albert
Shaun Albert - 3 måneder siden
Please be nice to him for he’s doing very well in another game
BanterWipes - 3 måneder siden
Skin please
GekkougaTrainer - 3 måneder siden
SFS elite status confirmed!
Nosirrah - 3 måneder siden
@Coma Reborn why would the ego inflate now and not the beginning of this year? This is their second championship win so why now would it grow?
Jenny Brooks
Jenny Brooks - 3 måneder siden
Coma Reborn salty dragons fan spotted
Jermm Jermm
Jermm Jermm - 3 måneder siden
@Coma Reborn Bro they deserved the win.
Aqua Somnus
Aqua Somnus - 3 måneder siden
@Coma Reborn you're so salty. Your team lost, your team wasn't that good and Shock will probably win again next year.
Coma Reborn
Coma Reborn - 3 måneder siden
@Huy Nguyen nah, wait for next season. Can't wait for the ego of their players and fans to be beat out of them!
Tim and Tom v
Tim and Tom v - 3 måneder siden
record w
record w - 3 måneder siden
I'm first
daniel choi
daniel choi - 3 måneder siden
first comment
record w
record w - 3 måneder siden
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - 3 måneder siden
What was the BEST moment from this incredible matchup?
MrDark9 - 3 måneder siden
Profits 5k
Jessie Aponte
Jessie Aponte - 3 måneder siden
The Finisher
Obligatedcomic9 - 3 måneder siden
Tobi vs his camera
imyu - 3 måneder siden
Striker casually taking on nano boosted Gesture and won whit relative ease
Eric Berkling
Eric Berkling - 3 måneder siden
Profit's 3 headshots