BEST Overwatch SUPPORT Players in 2020?! - Role Stars

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The Role Stars awards are a way of celebrating players who stood out and excelled in their chosen roles. For each role, four players are nominated and voted on by a team of analysts, and then presented with a special reward. Here are your winners for the 2020 season!
Support Winners:
- Alarm, Philadelphia Fusion,
- FDGod, Paris Eternal
- LeeJaeGon, Shanghai Dragons
- Viol2t, San Francisco Shock
Overwatch Support Heroes:
- Ana, Baptiste, Brigitte, Lucio, Mercy, Moira, Zenyatta
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Overwatch League
Overwatch League - 3 måneder siden
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If you were building a team, which of these 4 players would you take first?!
Quinn Jarvis
Quinn Jarvis - 3 måneder siden
Mashmallow - 3 måneder siden
Alarm no doubt
Blacklight X Mochi
Blacklight X Mochi - 3 måneder siden
Dragon Viggo
Dragon Viggo - 3 måneder siden
L A Gav
L A Gav - 15 dager siden
After the grand finals you can’t say moth doesn’t deserve being here over leejagong
GoldLuv AMVs
GoldLuv AMVs - 2 måneder siden
Alarm is my Overwatch HERO!
SF Sgud
SF Sgud - 2 måneder siden
Viol2t better
Mr Polichi
Mr Polichi - 3 måneder siden
SideKick - 3 måneder siden
Bravo bg
jackmother_fuckinchristie - 3 måneder siden
Twilight :(
Herbert - 3 måneder siden
How did FD God get role star and not Moth, Funnyastro, or Jjonak??
SF Sgud
SF Sgud - 2 måneder siden
The people thinking jjonak deserves role star and that he’s still good are noobs
Felix Ramberger
Felix Ramberger - 3 måneder siden
Fd god is just the coolest
Guardians of Arthedain
Guardians of Arthedain - 3 måneder siden
Moth definitely should have gotten it.
PwR_Z3US - 3 måneder siden
jjonak deserved it more than all of those plyers
Dumpster Baby
Dumpster Baby - 3 måneder siden
Alarm was easily the best support
pp fag
pp fag - 3 måneder siden
twiglight hanbin funnyastro and myunbong all couldve been here they were all really good
vicious cobra
vicious cobra - 3 måneder siden
First non Korean role star
Antony Loretz
Antony Loretz - 3 måneder siden
Bit salty moths alley boops didnt score him another role star
christian fisher
christian fisher - 3 måneder siden
Where is Astro?
xavier - 3 måneder siden
it's about the best player...
Caleb McIntyre
Caleb McIntyre - 3 måneder siden
Tell me why funnyastro isn’t up here
Simon Dessalles
Simon Dessalles - 3 måneder siden
Cause fd better you know 🤷
Big Cunt
Big Cunt - 3 måneder siden
Viol2t is toooo goated
Argan GUYON - 3 måneder siden
La France bien représentée, le otp lucio! yes
Robert Van Shiranui
Robert Van Shiranui - 3 måneder siden
It’s really strange no watch here Jjonak.
-Naex- 114
-Naex- 114 - 3 måneder siden
5/6 Shangai Dragons players in the Role Stars omg they're so good.
SF Sgud
SF Sgud - 2 måneder siden
I’d say some of them don’t deserve it.
Sölvi Sveinbjörnsson
Sölvi Sveinbjörnsson - 3 måneder siden
Noah Bartz
Noah Bartz - 3 måneder siden
anhime - 3 måneder siden
Alarm, FDGod, Viol2t having cool intro
Leejaegon: *DJ Lucio*
Hyde - 3 måneder siden
Funnyastro are overrated
FDgod way better.
Asante Basketball
Asante Basketball - 2 måneder siden
Good take Astro was only exceptionally good during Goats. Now he is overrated
DirtyDirtyShisno - 3 måneder siden
Bad take
Eris Morn
Eris Morn - 3 måneder siden
@Luke Mchugh moth
Luke Mchugh
Luke Mchugh - 3 måneder siden
Whos in The Grand finals again?
Shuckleking87 - 3 måneder siden
Funnyastro > fdgod easily, another person id consider over fdgod is myunbong
Asante Basketball
Asante Basketball - 2 måneder siden
Fdgod is the best Lucio in the world
Simon Dessalles
Simon Dessalles - 3 måneder siden
Stop getting salty fd is just better than astro
Dimitri Jacob
Dimitri Jacob - 3 måneder siden
Fdgod is way better
Swoogle Bomb
Swoogle Bomb - 3 måneder siden
Hung Do
Hung Do - 3 måneder siden
It's kinda sad that main support players don't often get the credit they deserve
Julian - 3 måneder siden
You know FDGod and LeeJaeGon are both main supports right
マサハル - 3 måneder siden
Moth and Sleepy?
Luke Mchugh
Luke Mchugh - 3 måneder siden
No ones gonna Fall For The bait.
Arcky - 3 måneder siden
Vanillielle Art
Vanillielle Art - 3 måneder siden
Let's Go Alarm!!🧡🖤
Midnight - 3 måneder siden
Is anyone else disappointed that izayaki or luffy didnt make role stars and that the shanghai dragons whole starting lineup isnt role stars
Midnight - 3 måneder siden
True, but just wanted to see half of shanghai dragons roster in role stars
imyu - 3 måneder siden
Luffy hasnt played much and Izajaki hasnt been the strongest flex support
Anna Plathe
Anna Plathe - 3 måneder siden
Yvetal is my personal favorite Mercy to watch
Robert Van Shiranui
Robert Van Shiranui - 3 måneder siden
And Molly great revelation. Yveltal the Best Mercy Battle.
Basket_head - 3 måneder siden
did you guys know that moth is on Toronto defient according to this video
Mattis R
Mattis R - 3 måneder siden
My french boy FD is the only non korean 2020 role star ! ! So proud of him
Mark Yoon
Mark Yoon - 3 måneder siden
Am korean but glad for this result. Hope overwatch isnt simply dominated by koreans but has more competition international so that more talents and perspectives could be discovered
Mattis R
Mattis R - 3 måneder siden
Bécasse he hasnt played enough in the season
DragonsThatFly - 3 måneder siden
Yah but why can't Fielder be there.
Noah Bartz
Noah Bartz - 3 måneder siden
@Razor Edge Wrong, he's a legend
Razor Edge
Razor Edge - 3 måneder siden
he was just put in for diversity lol don't get too hype about that
chris lee
chris lee - 3 måneder siden
ik im not the only one thinking this:

Leto - 3 måneder siden
@tAcK He is the best zen and ana in the league
chris lee
chris lee - 3 måneder siden
@tAcK ok apologies
tAcK - 3 måneder siden
He wasn't better than any other flex support. He's behind Alarm, Viol2t, and Twilight
Mayson Low
Mayson Low - 3 måneder siden
FDgod the only non Korean player chosen for role star
Leto - 3 måneder siden
@juvé Do Jjonakkkkkkkkk was way better then fd god
Yew Wei Lim
Yew Wei Lim - 3 måneder siden
@juvé Do chara on brig is pretty sick too
Ralk Martins
Ralk Martins - 3 måneder siden
@Not Bobby A fielder is flex
Not Bobby A
Not Bobby A - 3 måneder siden
@juvé Do fielder
juvé Do
juvé Do - 3 måneder siden
@Razor Edge give me one korean main support who was better than Fdgod during the entire season except leejaegon. (maybe alarm on brig lol)
The BrainGamer
The BrainGamer - 3 måneder siden
Kan - 3 måneder siden
Walking Dragon
Walking Dragon - 3 måneder siden
Where is Funnyastro? he made some big impact plays with his Lucio
Leto - 2 måneder siden
@Asante Basketball The thing is fdgod only played lucio
Asante Basketball
Asante Basketball - 2 måneder siden
Fdgod played in basically every game. Astro had some big impact plays but they were rare. Fd on the other had to help carry every game.
Brian - 3 måneder siden
@xavier he is, you just didnt watch him play
xavier - 3 måneder siden
it's about the best players only, it's why astro is not there. He is not one of the best
Leto - 3 måneder siden
Jjonak best flex support in the league
Genji Main
Genji Main - 3 måneder siden
What is the secret
Sidox - 3 måneder siden
Yess viol2t and fdgod
bain - 3 måneder siden
Let’s go alarm
Cactus 69420
Cactus 69420 - 3 måneder siden
Violet or alarm imo
DisciplesOfSmeek - 3 måneder siden
Can’t wait for next season when Super brings out the Ana for shock and gets MVP and RoleStar...
Aurelia 18
Aurelia 18 - 3 måneder siden
Super will be the next flex role star
Cassidy Orford
Cassidy Orford - 3 måneder siden
azierOW - 3 måneder siden
pog new role stars
Gavin Stevenson
Gavin Stevenson - 3 måneder siden
Love the OWL thank you so much!!
Christiano Almeida
Christiano Almeida - 3 måneder siden
Dhruv Kallianpur
Dhruv Kallianpur - 3 måneder siden
Everyone here is soo good
mozks Gaming
mozks Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Hi again
CLueless - 3 måneder siden
Alarm better be here
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - 3 måneder siden
Is there anyone that deserves to be a support Role Star ahead of one of these four?
SF Sgud
SF Sgud - 2 måneder siden
Moth deserves it more than LeeGeaGon
SF Sgud
SF Sgud - 2 måneder siden
Viol2t is MVP you are all so weird
Aidan Duane
Aidan Duane - 3 måneder siden
moth and funnyastro
Leto - 3 måneder siden
Gilgala - 3 måneder siden