BEST Overwatch DAMAGE Players in 2020?! - Role Stars

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The Role Stars awards are a way of celebrating players who stood out and excelled in their chosen roles. For each role, four players are nominated and voted on by a team of analysts, and then presented with a special reward. Here are your winners for the 2020 season!
Damage Winners:
- ANS, San Francisco Shock
- Carpe, Philadelphia Fusion
- Fleta, Shanghai Dragons
- Lip, Shanghai Dragons
- Sp9rk1e, Paris Eternal
Overwatch Damage Heroes:
- Ashe, Bastion, Doomfist, Echo, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, McCree, Mei, Pharah, Reaper, Soldier: 76, Sombra, Symmetra, TorbjÖrn, Tracer, Widowmaker
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Overwatch League
Overwatch League - 3 måneder siden
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If you were building a team, which of these 5 players would you take first?!
abdullah X97
abdullah X97 - 3 måneder siden
Carpe for sure without any doubt
Dragon Viggo
Dragon Viggo - 3 måneder siden
SP9RK1E and Carpe
ItzSideOfFries - 3 måneder siden
Fleta is Meta even though I'm a Fusion Fan
Blaze Clan
Blaze Clan - 3 måneder siden
Blacklight X Mochi
Blacklight X Mochi - 3 måneder siden
SF Sgud
SF Sgud - 2 måneder siden
Decay and Striker in, Carpe and SP9RK1E out
Mr Polichi
Mr Polichi - 3 måneder siden
KSP has left the chat...
Elijah Gallaher
Elijah Gallaher - 3 måneder siden
KSP is the biggest snub, he led the league in final blows, damage, and solo kills and isn't a role star.....
Mongoose5 - 3 måneder siden
ChipSa was robbed :(
로얄V.I.P - 3 måneder siden
안스진짜 못생겼다 ㅋㅋㅠ 앞머리 까지 말지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Bregozy - 3 måneder siden
Carpe > Ans
Anton Gode
Anton Gode - 3 måneder siden
You forgot about Supers Genji
william busmente
william busmente - 3 måneder siden
why sparkle he was good only in the genji meta
Hip - 3 måneder siden
All korean?!
René Vos
René Vos - 3 måneder siden
You can't spell consistansy without ans.
Jan - 3 måneder siden
good thing it's spelled consistency
Satria Surya
Satria Surya - 3 måneder siden
Omry Golan
Omry Golan - 3 måneder siden
Sparkle doesn't deserve it.
Lexity Octpus
Lexity Octpus - 3 måneder siden
Senyu Kou
Senyu Kou - 3 måneder siden
the real question is, why can't there be 5 tank and support role stars if there can be 5 damage role stars?
sc h
sc h - 3 måneder siden
Apprently Carpe and Sp9ark1e are tied
Ha-Neul_ - 3 måneder siden
Stop hyping up Sp9ark1e we know it you love him but pleaseeee...
PanzerfaustVIII - 3 måneder siden
Why does it feel so normal only seeing asians
google inc
google inc - 3 måneder siden
Rework characters so everyone is viable, its always genji this and mccree that, wheres sym/torb? Even pros dont take them seriously
NanoNasone - 3 måneder siden
Torb is the best projectile hero lol what are you talking about
G.B Door
G.B Door - 3 måneder siden
스파클이 왜 들어갔는지 의문이네
Tyler C
Tyler C - 3 måneder siden
I'm really surprised ChipSa is not on this list
Natu - 3 måneder siden
Lets Get Fluffy haha the pro genji player
Lets Get Fluffy
Lets Get Fluffy - 3 måneder siden
Also really surprised Super isn't on it
Let’s take a walk
Let’s take a walk - 3 måneder siden
100% winrate and still not on the list. Unlucky.
Brenda Juan
Brenda Juan - 3 måneder siden
One could say it's unloocky
Kai Feldman
Kai Feldman - 3 måneder siden
Lip best Sombra
Heesu knows your location.
Filip - 3 måneder siden
Fitzy does too.
휘게바라기 - 3 måneder siden
개인적으로 플레타 카르페 립 스파클 엑지or비큐비 가 더 적합
polarize2k _
polarize2k _ - 3 måneder siden
You forgot ChipSa
Kaisa Whatever
Kaisa Whatever - 3 måneder siden
Ans doesn’t belong here.
Joe - 3 måneder siden
Paris NR
Paris NR - 3 måneder siden
Andres Sacarelos Chipsa.
Andres Sacarelos
Andres Sacarelos - 3 måneder siden
Kaisa Whatever then who does
Hi Im Bob
Hi Im Bob - 3 måneder siden
Supports - alarm, violet, leejayung (idk how to spell it but the dragons dude), and funnyastro
Hi Im Bob
Hi Im Bob - 3 måneder siden
@Nutella Snowflake hes incredibly entertaining
NanoNasone - 3 måneder siden
What about moth
Nutella Snowflake
Nutella Snowflake - 3 måneder siden
honorable mention for frogger not because he’s better than any of these dudes but he’s just funny lol
나다 - 3 måneder siden
You mean Leejaegon
Zeebra doom
Zeebra doom - 3 måneder siden
where's super?
Kevvo Wobbo
Kevvo Wobbo - 3 måneder siden
"one of the most hotly contested roles" bro there's only 3 roles
Tristan - 3 måneder siden
danteh underrated
Aw An
Aw An - 3 måneder siden
description says “tank winners”
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - 3 måneder siden
Ozzy - 3 måneder siden
freakin love Ans
purp1e - 3 måneder siden
yes, the kings row clip was cool. NOW GET OVER IT.
yikes indeed
yikes indeed - 3 måneder siden
Chipsa should have gotten role star
purp1e - 3 måneder siden
Edwin yeah exactly. And also if we really wanna nitpick, only 2 of the 4 shots from fleta really mattered, the other 2 were clean up
Edwin - 3 måneder siden
Even though he barely played, Eqo’s play on summer showdown was miles better than fleta headshots. The stakes were way higher too. Shanghai still could win that map with out the clutch
The BrainGamer
The BrainGamer - 3 måneder siden
DLT - 3 måneder siden
Ans : 🙌
Dynamite 9099
Dynamite 9099 - 3 måneder siden
How does xzi, yaki and Eileen get nominations for mvp but not get role stars
yikes indeed
yikes indeed - 3 måneder siden
@Jeff Kaplan listen Jeff. Fix the game before you start talking about ans and the league.
Caesar Zeppeli
Caesar Zeppeli - 3 måneder siden
Didnt realize ans took up 3 slots lol
Jeff Kaplan
Jeff Kaplan - 3 måneder siden
Kaisa Whatever you 5ink Ans is overrated? Someone needs to watch some games
Kaisa Whatever
Kaisa Whatever - 3 måneder siden
Because people overrate Ans
Kelp - 3 måneder siden
Why is ans so cute?
Blaze Clan
Blaze Clan - 3 måneder siden
3:22 that was adorable.
Vinx Henry
Vinx Henry - 3 måneder siden
@BOB JOE second person I've seen say this. Where's your proof
APZSK - 3 måneder siden
BOB JOE how do you know and also nobody cares
BOB JOE - 3 måneder siden
He is extremely homophobic
Tobi IsTenten
Tobi IsTenten - 3 måneder siden
Ans is so cute
DarkPhantom341 - 12 dager siden
But he is gone
Vinx Henry
Vinx Henry - 3 måneder siden
@poopingducks how?
Sam Cho
Sam Cho - 3 måneder siden
Anton Nojonen stitch cute alcoholic and chain smoker lulw
Anton Nojonen
Anton Nojonen - 3 måneder siden
So is stitch
yikes indeed
yikes indeed - 3 måneder siden
Torb is really cute
josh broderick
josh broderick - 3 måneder siden
WHat about haksal
xHANKUNKINx Overwatch
xHANKUNKINx Overwatch - 3 måneder siden
Ricardo Lagunas
Ricardo Lagunas - 3 måneder siden
Pineapple guy
Pineapple guy - 3 måneder siden
Family Arora
Family Arora - 3 måneder siden
All of these players really deserved this
Galacz - 3 måneder siden
Sp9rkle did not deserve role star. period.
AN Stormy
AN Stormy - 3 måneder siden
Man they didn't put danteh even though he is one of the best dps in the league that's sad
Joe Hughes
Joe Hughes - 3 måneder siden
Looking forward to the support stars to see if the entire shanghai team makes it in
imyu - 3 måneder siden
@purp1e Wdym, Viol2t, twilight, shu, alarm are all better than izajaki or luffy
purp1e - 3 måneder siden
Ralk Martins Luffy is kinda undrrated but izayaki might be the best support we have in the league (again, alarm is also insane, don’t flame me)
Ralk Martins
Ralk Martins - 3 måneder siden
@purp1e He and Luffy are really underrated, like Shu (they are better tho). After shanghai started to winning sideshow was like ''holy moly is izayaki aways this good ?''
purp1e - 3 måneder siden
Izayaki really deserved one too imo. He is the second best flex support in the league, if not the best but alarm is also insane obviously
William Zuker
William Zuker - 3 måneder siden
Relio - 3 måneder siden
Galactic Chicken
Galactic Chicken - 3 måneder siden
Mr Perfect
Mr Perfect - 3 måneder siden
Overwatch League
Overwatch League - 3 måneder siden
Is there anyone that deserves to be a damage Role Star ahead of one of these five?
SF Sgud
SF Sgud - 2 måneder siden
Decay and Striker
abdullah X97
abdullah X97 - 3 måneder siden
Proffffit over sparkle
Josue Sanchez
Josue Sanchez - 3 måneder siden
Ksp literally lifting valiant to positive record
Arcky - 3 måneder siden
@Dragon Viggo French people be like
Dragon Viggo
Dragon Viggo - 3 måneder siden